Writing Samples

Media Kit (click on image to download PDF)
A media kit created for a school assignment. I created a fictional national book drive sponsored by Amazon.com to benefit the nonprofit Kids Need To Read.

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Profile Story
A profile story written about Brandon Kidd, a Syracuse University student and race car diver, for a class assignment.









Case Study
This case study researched the successful web sitcom “Husbands” to gain more insight on how a web series gains and maintains a fan base. The sources of evidence for this study were 1) focused interviews, 2) documentation, and 3) participant observation. Some key findings found through this case study were: 1) social media is a key factor in building a fan base for a web series, 2) social media is the main form of two-way symmetrical communication between a web series and its fan base and 3) social media must be part of the communication strategy for a web series.








Otto Media Press Releases
Press release I have written for Otto Media and its various projects.

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