‘Castle’ & Social Media

As a graduate student studying Public Relations we talk about social media – a lot. Which is fine with me. I LOVE social media, and want to learn more on how I can use it professionally. It’s one of the things that really pushed me toward public relations when I decided to do a “minor” career change.

I love how social media lets you connect with others – whether that be friends, celebrities, or your favorite brands and companies – it can make the user feel like they are a part of something, make that connection more real.

I think that can be a strong tool for public relations.

Let me use what I think is an excellent example.

I think the ABC television show Castle has one of the strongest social media presences for a television show. They have the usual: a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, and even a Tumblr.

They also have a show Twitter account, but that isn’t where it stops. I think Twitter is where they are a step above other shows.

Along with the official show page, they have made an amazing “fake” account for their lead character, Richard Castle. This is a fantastic move on their part. As a “best selling” mystery novelist there have been times on the show the character has mentioned his own twitter account in passing. Whoever thought of actually making one – that is updated often, sometimes teasing and hinting at things that have or will happen on the show – is genius. It adds another layer to the show and to the character of Richard Castle.

A screen shot of the Twitter account of “Richard Castle.”

On the “real world” side of things many members of the crew have Twitter accounts and post behind the scenes tidbits and photos.

Everyone from the shows creator, writer and producer Andrew W. Marlowe:

To members of the crew and different departments. Where they answer questions and talk about their work.

Screen shot of the Twitter page of the Castle Art Department.

Show teaser pictures from the set.

Screen shot of the Twitter feed from the Castle PA account.

And give behind the scenes pictures of the type of work THEY do on the set.

A screen shot from the Twitter page of one of the grips on the Castle crew.

Again. It doesn’t stop with the crew. Most of the cast also have personal twitter accounts, where sometimes you will see more behind the scenes glimpses, interaction between the members off set, and a look into their own lives.

Screen shot from the Twitter profile of lead Castle actor, Nathan Fillion.

Screen shot of the Twitter feed of Castle lead actress, Stana Katic.

Not only do they post content but they interact with their fans. They KNOW they are there. They answer questions when they can, send words of encouragement, point them in the direction of things that are related to the show or they think might be of interest and even purposely tease the fandom as a whole.

Andrew Marlowe & his wife Terri Edda Miller (also a writer on Castle) tease the fans about the season 4 finale.

All this can help give more of a whole picture of the show. It’s not just something they can watch every week on TV. There is more to it than that, a whole group of people the viewer doesn’t see on screen. Also by doing this it invites the fan to become a part of that group, to make another level of connection. It also makes the fans feel more involved and can make them love it more. Which is what you want: a happy group of fans who will spread that love.

Maybe it’s because I myself am a fan of the show, but I think that when it comes to social media, especially Twitter, the whole Castle gang (these are just A FEW examples of the accounts that come from the Castle cast and crew) has it down, that they are doing social media right. I know I get excited every time I get a sneak peak into the show and lives of those who are responsible for making one of my favorite shows. It just makes me love it even more, and get more pumped for the next new episode.

What other shows, brands, companies, or whoever, do you think have embraced social media very strongly? I know there has to be others out there. Why wouldn’t there be? It’s a free and pretty simple way of communicating with your target publics.


2 responses to “‘Castle’ & Social Media

    • I am pretty sure that it’s done by the Public Relations department for Castle, whoever does their official page. Maybe with some guidance by the writers? At least that is what I think.

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