Tumblr, the underdog of social media?

This week in my Advanced Public Relations Writing for Digital Platforms class (yes, that is a mouthful) we had a guest speaker, Christy Perry (@hxjournprof), who talked about using social media in the professional world.

I really enjoyed her presentation. If you can’t tell, I love social media. It is one of the main things that pushed me towards public relations in the first place. I think social media is very relevant in the world of public relations and that it is becoming one of the strongest tools a practitioner can use.

She gave us a lot of good information, everything from reasons why one should use social media, to engaging your audience and how to communicate effectively on different platforms.

One thing I thought was really useful were the 10 Rules of social media she talked about. They all rang true and I think there are parts of it that many social media campaigns could adhere to a lot better.

There was only one thing I disagreed with. It was more of a brief comment she made about Tumblr not being used as much in this generation. I know it’s not one of the front running social media platforms, and maybe because of that not everyone has had the chance to be exposed to what it CAN do and who uses it.

I am an avid Tumblr user. I know there is a large portion of tweens and teens on Tumblr but I also know a lot of other Tumblr users not only from my generation, but also OLDER than me. I think it’s a great platform for spreading content in a very easy way, especially media content like videos and pictures.

Just like most other social media platforms there are a lot of passionate groups of people on Tumblr who voice their opinions about the things they love (and don’t love). Tumblr has given them the chance to share these opinions and passion with others who feel exactly the same way. I think Tumblr, and these groups, can be used by a company, product, brand, celebrity, ect. to embrace its fans and encourage their passion. I have seen people say they are a fan of a show they have never even seen before, because of all the posts and content they have seen about it on Tumblr. They have then went on to watch the show next time they had the opportunity. I know I have discovered a lot of new things like music, TV shows, and books through Tumblr. I have also had the chance to talk  and bond with people who are just as passionate as I am about certain things.

One of the best ways I have heard Tumblr described is in relation to Facebook: “Facebook makes you hate people you know in real life. Tumblr makes you fall in love with people you have never met.”

So don’t write Tumblr off just yet. I think it can be a very strong tool in a social media campaign, especially one that has a lot of visual media. You might not reach as many people as you can on other sites, but the people you will reach will be a very passionate group, which can do great things for you in the long run.

Other than that one brief comment, I agreed with most everything that was brought up in the presentation and found it all relevant in my world and in the professional world of public relations. I really enjoyed learning a lot on how I can use something that I love to use personally in a more professional way.
Check back to this blog later this weekend and I will discuss and have an example of what I think is an amazing social media campaign.


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